MWT – liquids & gases filtration

MWT filtering technologies are characterized by outstanding values of parameters of filtration and operation:

1. Filtration fineness:

  • from 0.2 microns for gaseous media
  • from 1 micron for liquids

2. Persistence: filtration of aggressive media at extreme temperatures (FAQ)

3. Operation: possibility of easy and quick cleaning of micro-wire filtering element

4. Durability: exceeds other filtration systems

MWT filtration is used in the purification of liquids and gases area:

Liquids filtering

  • water filtration in hot and cold water systems for industrial and personal use.
  • filtration of food products: milk, vegetable oils, beer, alcohol, alcohol-containing products, etc.
  • filtering of light petroleum products: gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, industrial oils, etc.
  • filtering in seawater desalination systems,
  • separation (separation of oil and water, for example)

Gases filtering

  • Industry: cleaning filters of high temperature mixtures and heavy-duty mixtures in metallurgy, pure zones
  • Household filters (air washing), air infiltration valves

MWT has developed and currently offers the following constructive solutions which are widely applied in practice and have a high efficiency, confirmed by laboratory tests.

1) The MWT filter element for a domestic fine water filter

MWT is the developer and patent holder of MWT FILTRATION filtering system

Nanostructured ferromagnetic microwire is wound in layers on the filter core.

Water purification is carried out by bursting its flow through microwire’s coils. Maximum gap between the coils is determined by the elastic deformation of microwires and the magnetic strength interaction between windings.

MWT Filtration

The filter body retains solid particles larger than the gaps between the coils. Then the water flow removes them through the drain valve.

The filter element characteristics fully recover after its cleaning.

The MWT element’s grade of filtration is directly related to the diameter and the characteristics of microwires winding.

2) The filter element – a mesh woven of microwires

Projected Specifications of the Product:

  • external environment microwires resistance
  • extreme mechanical strength at a small diameter
  • ability to use the filter element again after cleaning

microwire mesh